Infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Business Analytics help small and large organizations maximize the value of their data, unearth insights, build plans and respond in real-time to customer demand

The Good Thing of Analytics

Maximize Data Value

We analyze data relationships so you can get the most value from your data.

Deep Business Insight

Helps you discover business opportunities that you have never encountered before in your own information.

More Accurate Business Planning

We help analyze your business. To allow you to make future plans easier and more accurately.

Efficiently Team

In our team, use the most modern and efficient tools and suitable for your business.


“Sale Prediction Planning"


In the business, sales planning is very necessary. Because if we make a mistake plan, causing unnecessary business costs And lose other business opportunities. Many companies still use the knowledge and understanding of individuals. In sales planning Which have uncontrollable factors, such as past experience not reflect the current situation Causing the planning to be inaccurate, causing many problems to follow and wasting more time in various departments Because each party's information not match or the data transmission between the parties is delayed and get lost. Therefore, we use AI to help manage various problems. Mentioned above.

Key Success

We simulate various situations. To make the analysis and measurement accurate and comprehensive in all cases In addition, we use the norms of analysis from the truth. No bias in the analysis makes our AI highly reliable. Can be as much as using a planner Or it is more effective because AI uses various factors of analysis to make AI more logical than using man planning.




In the current situation, the needs of consumers are more diverse and more unique. Causing the business to be unable to present the product to the target group May lose customers. Therefore, businesses must select the factors that meet the needs and interests of customers for analysis and planning. In order to present products to customers correctly Or we develop more new products to meet the needs of customers especially.

Key Success

We collect data from experts, including customers related to our products, in order to analyze trends, predict customer preferences and behaviors by using machine learning, allowing product planning to be most suitable for customers or we expand to new customers that may be interested in our products. The analysis results from Machine Learning give us the opportunity to develop new products to meet specific customers.


With experience in the data industry makes us have various techniques that can help your business.

Time series analytics

Using historical data to predict the future by learning the changes in data from time to time.


Group the factors that affect the product using Machine Learning.

IBM Data and AI